Marking Our Territory met YoungDogs Laurens Martens en Nikolai Salim (1)

Marking Our Territory met YoungDogs Laurens Martens en Nikolai Salim (1)
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  • 18 jun 2019 @ 16:47
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Vanaf Cannes Lions houdt ook creatievenclub de JongeHonden ons dagelijks op de hoogte over 'what's hot & what's not' in marcom. Hier de eerste blog, in het Engels, door Laurens Martens en Nikolai Salim. Geniet mee van hun territoriumdrift en leermomenten.

People from all over the world getting together, meeting each other, celebrating great work and getting inspired by world-class speakers. Hearts and Minds (and Fingers), a talk by Wieden+Kennedy's executive creative director was a great start to the day, turning his speech into a social interactive experiment by giving out laser-pointers to the audience. Every single person was asked to point at options on the screen, molding the conversation as it went on. 
It beautifully illustrated his point that interactive work is getting more essential to keep people's attention, as almost no one engaged with their smartphone during the talk.

Another big highlight was ‘The Wonder of What the F**k’ by Adam&evesDDB’s CCO, Richard Brim. He took the audience by the hand and presented the backstage process of four incredible pieces of work.

From tips on how to present and approve ideas that make people go ‘WTF’ to an inspiring speech on how creatives should never give up on crazy weird (but with undeniably truthful insights) ideas, Richard definitely boosted everyone’s energy for a great first day.
In between talks, we were always surrounded by great creative work. Which was all around. On every wall, screen or complementary magazine. 

Being able to check out the worlds' most creative work in the basement exposition really energizes and sets the stage for the Young Lion competitors to do their best work in the different on-site competitions.

But at the same time, there’s so much to do that it can also give you ‘choice paralysis’.
So, lessons from the first day at the Festival: figure out where everything is, find the stages, but also don’t mind getting lost and bumping into talks you didn't expect. 

They can turn out to be pretty cool. 

Laurens Martens & Nikolai Salim
digital reporters JongeHonden /
YoungDogs voor MarketingTribune

P.S.: they got frozen rose popsicles.

Impressie uit Cannes. Fotografie: JongeHonden



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