Mike Blake (keynote BCE20): 'Netflix is allesbehalve traditioneel'

Mike Blake (keynote BCE20): 'Netflix is allesbehalve traditioneel'
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  • 24 jan 2020 @ 09:35
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Mike Blake-Crawford (strategy director bij Social Chain uit Manchester) is een van de keynote speakers op Branded Content Event. We blikken vast met hem vooruit.

Branded Content Event met als thema 'make content great again' vindt plaats op donderdag 6 februari in de nieuwe evenementenlocatie Amsterdome. Ga hier naartoe voor meer informatie.

Why is your talk worth to see?

I've been lucky enough to work with some fantastic brands during my career including Apple, Coca-Cola and Amazon - this experience has given me a unique insight into how large audiences react to branded content. I'll be sharing some of this insight during my talk at the Branded Content Event.

What is for marketeers in 2020 the biggest challenge in terms of branded content?

The biggest challenge is capturing attention at scale. 50 years ago our media choices were limited, with the advent of the digital age our choices are almost limitless. This requires a shift in thinking from marketers and new tactics to help ideas reach our desired audiences.

Which brand controls branded content in a good way and why?

I'm a big fan of Netflix at the moment. They're a brand who were born on the cusp of the digital age and as a result have a unique corporate culture. Their business operation is anything but traditional and subsequently their marketing follows this less than traditional approach. They embrace channels and methodologies that more established companies currently avoid.

Which branded content-case do you think is impressive and why?

Following on with Netflix, a great example would be the promotion of Birdbox, which at the time of release broke records for being the most streamed movie within seven days. Netflix leveraged short-form attention by creating 'meme-able' content from film clips which was subsequently shared millions of times by internet users. What was genius about the campaign is that it was sustained by internet users, so required little marketing investment yet carried significant authority. Awareness peaked once celebrities caught on and even resulted in this amazing interaction between Kim Kardashian and Chrissy Teigen:

This was a really intelligent approach that delivered huge 'product awareness' and helped the movie break the streaming record. 

What misunderstanding about branded content should the world overcome?

I have to quote my CEO Steven Bartlett here and say that, "Nobody cares about you as much as you care about you." Too many brands focus on telling their story or selling their products within their content but nobody truly wants to be sold to when consuming content regardless of whether it's watching TV or reading an online news article. 

How are you going to persuade the doubting marketeer to come to Branded Content Event?

Great marketing is born out of moments of great inspiration. Regardless of how much experience you may have, there is always something new you can learn. Conferences like the Branded Content Event provide an environment in which attendees can learn, network and socialise - three opportunities that are fantastic in isolation, but even better together. I look forward to meeting everyone there, networking and most importantly - learning from some inspirational speakers.

Lucas Boon


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