[column] Top 5 meest gelezen e-commerce blogs in 2018

[column] Top 5 meest gelezen e-commerce blogs in 2018
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2018 was een hectisch jaar, waarin veel trends en buzzwords de revue passeerden. Customer experience, kunstmatige intelligentie, virtual reality en internet of things, om er maar een paar te noemen. De belangrijkste onderwerpen voor digitale professionals in 2018 waren, zo ontdekte Robin van den Driesschen van Osudio: B2B e-commerce, product datakwaliteit en het testen van een websitedesign in 3 dagen door middel van een design sprint.

Dit zijn onze 5 meest gelezen e-commerce blogs van 2018. Hoe run je een design sprint in 3 dagen? Wat is de invloed van millennials op B2B e-commerce? Hoe verbeter je de kwaliteit van je product data in 4 stappen? Hoe lever je rechtstreeks aan de consument als FMCG-bedrijf? Hoe kan animatie bijdragen aan een aangename online shopping ervaring? Met elk een Engelse intro ter betere navigatie.

1. How to: The 3 day design sprint

Developing a product or service can quickly degenerate into a debate that continues for months. Therefore, Google Ventures developed the design sprint: a methodology based on agile and scrum, that allows you to go through the entire process of design, prototyping and testing with customers, in five days. We have amended this process and in this blog we share with you how to run a design sprint in only 3 days.  

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2. Millennials are changing the B2B digital commerce landscape

We all knew that eventually a time would arrive when boomers retire and millennial presence in the workplace grows. Well, that time is now. Born between 1981 and 1997, millennials represent America’s largest population and account for 25% of the workforce, and they are making drastic changes to the B2B digital commerce landscape. Since 73% of millennials are involved in B2B purchasing decisions, B2B companies must keep pace with new buyer demands, especially as it relates to e-commerce experiences.

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3. Data quality: The key to e-commerce success

As e-commerce continues its steady growth, the product data that makes it possible also grows. And while business leaders and marketers may prefer to work on deals, campaigns and building revenue, there is also work to be done inside the shop. But when we start talking about product data quality, the attention tends to drop. In this blog, we share 4 steps to increase your product data quality.

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4. Direct to consumer for FMCG: Setting the stage for success

The ‘direct-to-consumer’ (D2C) trend is taking the retail world by storm. Thanks to the successes of disruptive companies like Dell, Apple, Amazon, Nike and Tesla, also FMCG companies are becoming enamored with cutting out the middle-man. The highlight so far has been the 1 billion dollar acquisition by Unilever of Dollar Shave Club, a D2C start-up that is going after Gillette sharply. But acquisition is not the only solution. The question that remains is: How do you point your entire range of brands towards the consumer and optimize revenue?

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5. To animate is to bring to life

Online shopping can be such a frustrating experience. Continuous loading times on pages, scrolling through long product lists, figuring out the contents of your shopping bag or trying to understand the current order status … It’s exhausting. On top of that, the animation can easily feel like a 1930s cartoon. But if you use animation correctly, you could ease the frustration. By reducing distractions to make the path to conversion smooth – and thus providing a more pleasant experience for the user – animation is becoming the basis of effective interaction design.

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Robin van den Driesschen
Digital Marketing & Demand Generation

(bron: Linkedin)

Fotocredit toetsenbord: Ilya Pavlov / Unsplash



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