Nancy Dubuc CEO Vice Media

Nancy Dubuc CEO Vice Media
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  • 14 mrt 2018 @ 09:34
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Shane Smith, oprichter Vice Media, heeft Nancy Dubuc aangesteld als chief executive officer.

Smith bekleedt vanaf vandaag de rol van executive chairman en gaat zich bezighouden met strategische samenwerkingen en content ontwikkelingen.

Smith over zijn beslissing: 'Why Nancy Dubuc? Simply put, because rarely in business do you get to work in a perfect partnership. First off, she is better than me at everything. Second, it allows me to move to Executive Chairman, where I can concentrate on the only things that I am good at - content and deals. Thirdly, as we go forward Vice needs a best-in-class management team to harness all of this growth and control our own destiny, whether it be staying independent, strategically partnering with someone or going public. Lastly, I get to work with one of my best friends and media heroes. We are a modern day Bonnie and Clyde and we are going to take all your money.'

Nancy Dubuc laat weten: 'Shane and the team at Vice have done what all of us aspire to do - build a brand and make content that people really care about. Vice speaks to a generation that defines today’s cultural conversation, and the opportunity to partner with all of the incredibly creative people across the entire company was one of those rare moments in a career. As the next chapter of media is written by founders such as Shane and Suroosh, it’s an honor to join a brand with such tremendous opportunity and I look forward to growing the platform for decades to come.'


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