Marking Our Territory met YoungDogs door Tristan Lenczner (slot)

Marking Our Territory met YoungDogs door Tristan Lenczner (slot)
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  • 22 jun 2019 @ 00:01
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Vanaf Cannes Lions houden de JongeHonden ons op de hoogte over 'what's hot & what's not'. Hier de vierde en laatste blog, nu van Tristan Lenczner: 'Hey there. I’m an English copywriter working at TBWA\ Neboko and this is my first trip to Cannes.'

I wasn’t really sure what to expect about the festival. I’d heard the stories about the parties, the villas and the work but nothing could have prepared me for the awesome week that it really is. The talks were incredible and inspiring, the beach side brand experiences were really well organised with lots of things to check out every day and the awards ceremony is truly excellent. After attending the award ceremony it leaves you with so much adrenaline and desire to get into the stage yourself and pick up something shiny. 

One of my favourite talks was by the CMO of Apple*. One thing he said really stuck with me: 'Our product people put so much time and effort into the crafting and designing of our product that we owe it to them as marketers to do the same with our advertising. And that is why our advertising is so product focussed.'

Finally, it’s incredibly important to give young talent the opportunity to come to a festival like this so they can be inspired and eventually be the future creative leaders of this industry. Forever YoungDogs!

Tristan Lenczner 
copywriter TBWA\ Neboko
digital reporter JongeHonden /
YoungDogs voor MarketingTribune

Impressie uit Cannes.
Fotografie: JongeHonden

Kom 4 juli 2019 naar de After Cannes Borrel annex IAA Hollandse Nieuwe voor de uitreiking van de Gouden Zaag voor aanstormend reclametalent i.s.m. Jonge Honden, IAA, MarketingTribune, Indie en MacGyver / McLoud. Locatie: aan de voet van de Oude Wester! Aanmelden verplicht via:

* Noot van de redactie:
Cannes Lions has named Apple as its Creative Marketer of the Year 2019, a prize that’s previously been won by Coca-Cola, Google and Heineken. It follows a remarkable showing for the brand at last year’s Cannes Lions, with the Spike Jonze-directed 'Welcome Home' film (see below) winning a Grand Prix.



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